The Workings and Uses of a Security System Motion Sensor

A security system motion sensor is one of the most fantastic tools for home security systems. It’s an excellent device when used on its own, but it can be strengthened in usefulness by being paired with another device. It can be used alongside a number of different home security products for the perfect combination of home security and intrusion prevention. Here is a brief description of how a security system motion sensor works and a list of some of the common ways to use motion sensors.Infrared motion sensor 466282673

How It Works

A security system motion sensor is a sensor that is able to detect motion. But the trick with motion sensors is not just to be able to detect motion, but to be able to detect the right kinds of motion. For example, a motion detector won’t set off an alarm when a leaf falls in front of it. Makers of these home security products know that the concern for home security is not the movement of just anything in front of them but specifically a person, because it is people who will burglarize your home. Therefore, they employ a means of detection that is usually known as PIR, or passive infrared detection. With PIR detection, a motion sensor is able to passively sense infrared wavelengths. This is how it specifically detects the movement of humans, because as humans, we emit a certain amount of infrared energy from our bodies. Of course, the sun also transmits infrared energy and a PIR security system motion sensor is unaffected by that. These devices are specifically tuned to the sensitivity of the temperature of the human body, which means that because of the temperature of the human body, they are programmed to detect infrared energy wavelengths that are in the range of 8-12 micrometers. So the sun reflecting on a motion sensor will not affect it, but a person walking by will alert the sensor to their presence.

Ways to Use Motion Sensors

motion-alarms-135448943As stated above, a security system motion sensor can be used on its own or in conjunction with other home security products. Most often, motion sensors are paired with additional devices for optimal home security. For example, motion sensor lights will remain powered off most of the time, and when they detect the movement of a person walking by, they’ll turn on the security light. Another more common example is using a home security camera motion detector. When you put together a home security camera motion sensor, you have a camera that will begin recording or monitoring the potential security threat the moment that they have moved in front of the camera. This will save you from having to scroll through hours of footage to find the time frame you want; it’ll only record those times where there was something of note occurring. Additionally, using a motion sensor with another security device means that you are saving money by not having the security light or home security camera always running and using up the electricity.

In most cases, every security system motion sensor will also be connected to the home alarm system so that when motion is detected, the alarm is triggered or an alert is sent to your phone and your monitoring service. So if you’ve got a working home security system, try adding in a security system motion sensor or two to maximize the potential for deterring and detecting criminals on your property.