Security System Garage Door Sensor

garage-door-sensorYet another one of the many wonderful home security products and devices you can find on the home security market today is the security system garage door sensor. This sensor, also called a garage door alarm, is meant to protect your garage from criminal or unauthorized access. It’s also additionally beneficial because it makes your life just a little bit easier, but primarily this device is meant for protection. Even if you think your garage is safe because it relies on electricity and uses an automatic garage door opener, you’d be surprised to find that garages are actually very easy for criminals to break into. So for any homeowner, getting a security system garage door sensor is a wise idea.

Why the Garage?

If you want to ask this question, you might as well be asking why you should place a sensor on any entrance to the home. The garage is traditionally the largest entrance to the interior of your home, and so without protection, it makes your home particularly vulnerable. Additionally, many homeowners neglect to lock the door from the garage into the home, so if criminals can get into the garage, getting into the rest of the house is a shoe-in. You probably don’t love the idea of going back to how it was before automatic garage door openers and having to get out of the car to manually lift the garage door to get inside. Thus, the use of a security system garage door sensor is probably a good idea to help you avoid that and keep your home safe from would-be intruders and home invaders who’d enter through the garage.

Function of a Garage Door Sensor

Family riding bicycles togetherA security system garage door sensor is meant to signal to you when the garage door is open or closed. Because it is placed at the top of the garage door, the sensor is able to detect when the open door is at a certain angle, such as 35 or 45 degrees, indicating that it is open rather than closed. The sensor detects when the garage door is opened and sends a signal to your phone via remote access or to your security system control panel. There are many different settings you can use for a garage door sensor; some even enable you to set the garage door to automatically close after 5 minutes or so. That would mean no more stressing about whether or not you left the garage door open when you left for work; you’d no longer have to worry about it at all. You could also set it to notify you only when you still need to close the garage rather than right when the garage is opened.

Along with other home security sensors such as window and door sensors or motion sensors, the security system garage door sensor can make a critical difference in the quality of home security you have for your home. Neglecting to provide your home with a reliable sensor for your garage door access could prove to be your home security’s downfall. Don’t forget the value of this sensor for protecting your home.