Security System Door Sensor Alarm

A security system door sensor is one of those home security products meant to keep criminals from coming in through your front door, back door, side door, or any other kind of door you have through which people can enter the house. But of course, it doesn’t keep EVERYONE out. Remote home control 178895291If your spouse had to work overtime and came home after the security system had turned on the door alarms, he could temporarily and remotely disable them so that they wouldn’t go off and alert the monitoring service that someone was trying to break in. For those who DON’T have access to your home – intruders, criminals, burglars – they will be caught by a security system door sensor if that is how they choose to enter your home. Here is how a door alarm works (this is true for any home alarm system that’s connected to the doors).

How the Security System Door Sensor is used

The door sensor for your home security system is usually going to be a pair of sensors. One is placed on the actual door while the other is placed on the door frame. As magnetic sensors, these will hold to each other and send an electrical current to the control panel for the overall security system. How that works will vary depending on the kind of door alarm circuitry you have for your security system door sensor.

Closed Circuit System

Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331In a closed circuit system, there is a closed electrical circuit running from the door sensor to the alarm. This means that electricity is flowing freely through it at all times and stops only when the door is opened or when the alarm system has been disabled. When the door is opened, it’s like an electrical switch has been flipped; the circuit is suddenly broken because the security system door sensor on the door has detached from the magnetized sensor on the door frame. The now broken circuit elicits a reaction from the alarm, which produces whatever kind of alert it is meant to produce. This may be a beeping or ringing or it may be a silent alarm with a phone call sent to your monitoring service or a message sent to your phone to alert you.

Open Circuit System

In an open circuit system, the electrical circuit running from the door sensor to the alarm is left open normally. With these systems, when the switch occurs from opening the door, the circuit is now connected. The now freely flowing electrical current alerts the alarm mechanism, which then sends its alert to you or to the monitoring service that the security system door sensor has picked up an unauthorized entry into the home.

Along with the security system door sensor, there are other sensors that can be used to deter or detect criminals, such as glass break sensors, window sensors, garage door sensors, and more. Placing door sensors on your front and back doors is one of the most effective ways of preventing burglaries because the doorways are the easiest home access points, which makes them easy targets for determined criminals. Protect your home with home security door alarms.