Protecting Your Home with Standard Security System Window Sensors and Glass Break Sensors

Security system window sensors are incredible devices used to deter criminals from trying to break into our homes through the windows instead of the doors. Everyone always thinks of putting locks and sensors on the doors because the doors are the normal access points to the home. But what about the windows? Modern Living 135032785Particularly windows that are large and easy to fit through? It’s important to make sure that they are protected, too, because in many cases it’s just as easy to break into a window as it is to break into a door. At the very least, make sure to keep all your windows closed and locked when you’re not at home; additionally, take advantage of window sensors that are made to keep your home secure. There are two main kinds of home security products that can be used as security system window sensors: standard window sensors and glass break sensors.

Standard Window Sensors

Standard window sensors are very similar to door sensors in nature and in function. Window sensors are two piece magnetic sensors; one sensor is placed on the window itself while the other is placed on the window frame. The magnetized window sensors hold together with their magnetic pull. Along with the sensors is an electrical charge that connects the security sensors to the alarm system. When the window is opened and the sensors pull apart, breaking their magnetic force, the electrical charge sends a signal to the alarm system. It then activates an alarm, signifying to you that someone has broken in through one of the windows to the house. Planificacion security systems 174481579These are the most common kinds of security system window sensors, but there is also one other main kind of window sensor in home security systems.

Glass Break Sensors

Not explicitly made for windows but extremely practical for home security system window sensors, glass break sensors can also help you detect when criminals have broken in through the window. With a glass break sensor, you will be notified in much the same way as the window sensor alarm that someone has entered the home. Only, this time, instead of being notified that someone opened the window, you’ll be notified that someone broke the window. These security sensors have the remarkable ability to detect the frequency of sound and the sensation of glass breaking, making them quite valuable as security system window sensors. Even if you don’t have a home alarm system but you just have a few glass break sensors on your larger main floor windows – particularly if there is a window on your door – you’ll be pretty set to deter intruders and burglars.

Home security systems need to cover all their bases, including providing home security products for the doors, windows, basement, roof, and all other potential entry points to the home. With security system window sensors like standard window sensors and glass break sensors, your home security system can help ensure that intruders don’t try to get around your door alarms by going through the windows.