Home Security Products – Purposes and Varieties

There’s a plethora of home security products sold by home security companies in this country. You may pause to look at all the choices before you and wonder, “Is all of this really necessary?” 89792373Not all security system parts are necessary for every home, but each home should have some home security devices and sensors to keep it safe. This is true even if your home is out in the middle of nowhere, because there are plenty of disasters and security hazards that have nothing to do with burglars or vandals and can still threaten the safety of your home. After all, there is a reason that home security professionals have created them all, and that reason is not just for the business of profit but for the business of keeping homeowners safe! So what is the purpose of all of these security products, and what varieties are there to choose from? While we can’t go over all of them in detail, we’ll put forward a few of the preferred kinds of home security products and their purposes.

Deterring and Detecting Criminals

The first rule of home security is protecting your home against criminals, which means doing your best to deter or detect them. Here are some of the common tools for criminal deterrence and detection with home security products:


Video surveillance and home security cameras are probably the most popular home security products that people want in their home security systems. With pro box cameras, smoked dome cameras, smocameras-160997702ke detector hidden cameras, and more, you can keep your home under 24/7 surveillance for ultimate detection. Even if you’re not watching it at the time, your monitoring service will have its eye on things.


Security lighting is another feature that can both deter and detect criminals. Well-lit areas tend to discourage criminal activity because detection is easy, and if the area is well lit and a criminal attempts to rob your home anyway, then of course, detection is easy. Good security lighting will have many light fixtures with low wattage power, which not only saves electricity but reduces glares and maintains night vision so that an intruder can’t easily hide in the shadows.


Classic home security products, locks in modern home security systems are often automatic locks or electronic door locks. You’ll find a great IMG_0231_2variety of lock types, including keypad locks, security token locks, biometric locks, and smartphone locks. Each can be personalized just like a manual key, but they’re a whole lot harder to manipulate or force your way through. That makes them great tools for deterring criminals.

Sensors and Alarms

Sensors and alarms are what make up the bulk of home security products. Most home security devices will have some sort of sensor or alarm attached to them. These are what allow you to detect criminals. The obvious presence of home alarms or security sensors may deter a criminal, but when put to the test, their forte is detection.


You may not realize it, but sometimes just having a sign in your front yard that says ADT or Protection 1 will discourage criminals from trying to break in. Most take advantage of the easy prey, the homes that always have the doors unlocked or the windows open and no apparent home security system. So, signs can make great home security products.

Warning against Disasters

Additionally, a major aspect of home security is not just deterring or detecting criminals but in protecting your home from disasters like the following:

Floods and Flood Sensors

Flood sensors, water leak detectors, water sensors – all of these are home security products designed to warn you when there’s a water problem in your house. This could be a broken pipe or a busted hot water heater or a ruined septic tank; whatever the cause, it’s important to be warned early on so that you can avoid having to pay for expensive water damages to your property.

Fires and Fire Alarms/Smoke Detectors

Combination Smoke and CO Alarm 147083364The scary thing about fires is that they are so quick. It’s astounding and frightening to think of how quickly homes can be consumed by fires that started as an accidental kitchen fire with a towel on the gas stovetop. Fire alarms and smoke detectors can warn you early on that there’s a security risk for the home so that you can extinguish the fire before it’s to the point of having to search for anything salvageable among the ruins.

Temperature Extremes and Heat Sensors/Freeze Sensors

If you live in a moderate climate, these may not be as relevant to the needs of your home. Freeze sensors and heat sensors are home security products that monitor temperature extremes. Either too hot or too cold can present problems, such as risk of fire and heat damage or risk of frozen pipes. These will warn you early on so you can maintain your home security.

With all of these home security products and more on the market, your home can be the safest place on earth for you and your family and all of your possessions. Fill out the form on the side of the page if you would like to be contacted by a home security professional to find out how you can better protect your home and get your hands on some of these home security devices.